Supplements have become the hottest topic of conversation lately, leaving many wondering why they are creating such a buzz.

Is it a good idea to incorporate supplements into our daily routine?

The answer lies in the staggering evidence pointing toward the decline in the nutritional value of our fruits, vegetables and even meat.

In a groundbreaking study conducted in 2004, it was revealed that from 1950 to 1999 the nutritional value of various garden crops had plummeted by a staggering 38%. Some of the worrying mineral decreases are calcium content dropped by 16%, iron by 15%, phosphorus by 9% and even protein levels were significantly lower. Essential vitamins like riboflavin and Vitamin C also experienced a substantial decline. (*1)

Astonishingly, a recent study from 2022 demonstrates that from 1980-2010 some vegetables have lost between 30% and 50% of their nutritional value. (*2)

Grains have not been spared either, as a 2020 study revealed that from 1955-2016 there has been a worrying 23% decrease in protein decrease. (*3)

Even animals, which we consume for sustenance, now feed on less nutrient-rich foods; making our meat less nutritious than ever before. Alarming predictions indicate a further 6%-14% decrease in certain nutrients and proteins by 2050. (*4)

This dire situation is a direct result of modern agricultural practices such as irrigation, fertilization, and harvesting methods, which disrupt the soil’s integrity and hinder nutrient absorption. To compound matters, a study has unveiled a concerning reality: the fresh produce we purchase daily, such as oranges and grapes, contains a disturbing cocktail of pesticides. Shockingly, 122 pesticides were detected on just 12 products, with 61% classified as highly hazardous to both our health and the environment. These harmful substances have been linked to severe illnesses like cancer, reproductive development issues, fertility problems, and respiratory ailments.

The challenges continue even after the cultivation process. From the moment we bring home our fresh produce, it undergoes several weeks of handling and processing. Even refrigeration alone can cause a loss of up to 50% of vital nutrients like vitamin C. (*5)

As our precious nutrients decline, so does our body’s ability to defend against chronic diseases. With such compelling statistics and extensive research, it becomes clear that relying solely on a wholesome diet is no longer sufficient to provide us with the essential nutrients and minerals we need.

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